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The day we were born marked our own unique identity as a person and citizen to a certain nation. It’s an occurrence deemed extremely vital as it distinguishes you from the rest of the population. The record that bears this vital occurrence discloses someone’s origins and the very core of his or her existence. Births that happened within Florida State may be requested from the Bureau of Vital Statistics. In obtaining a copy of Birth Records Florida, you must consider a few things.

First to check on is your eligibility. It means a requester should meet at least one of the criteria i.e. registrant (18 years up), parent, guardian, or lawful representative of the registrant, and a person who holds a court order. Next thing to consider is the type of birth certificate you want to have. There are several forms of certificates that you may request for from the Vital Statistics office. It actually depends on the person’s specific needs as well as the availability of the file.

For instance, births that happened from 1917 until the present year may produce a ‘computer generated certificate’. This type of certification is embossed with Florida seal and will be accepted by all state as well as national agencies as a valid evidence of someone’s birth and citizenship. Births that took place before the year 1917 will be provided with ‘photocopies’ only. If interested you may also request for a ‘commemorative certificate’ which is signed by the present state governor and certified by the registrar of the state. Moreover, if you require more than a single copy, ‘additional certificate copies’ are available.

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Other things that need to be considered when ordering birth or any other vital files from the government include the method of request, delivery and payment. The Vital Records department accepts applications via mail, telephone (at 877-550-7330), walk-in and fax (at 877-550-7428). The turnaround relies on the delivery method you choose. Specifically, regular requests take 3-4 working days for the computer copy and about 10 working days for the photocopy. There are ‘Rush’ and ‘Express’ options too which take 1-2 business days.

There are certain occasions that you need unrestricted access to birth files or any government records. Apart from the typical birth certificate uses like identity proof and document applications such as passport, license, nuptial license, social security, you may want to perform confidential genealogy trace and other personal uses. But state rules may block you from obtaining all needed data. This is where online record search sites become extremely practical and effective. Not only you will obtain information on various public documents, you also have the privilege of conducting a personalized and confidential investigation from the comfort of home.

Birth Records Free among other vital records i.e. deaths, marriages, and divorces are easily examined or verified using electronically-accessed terminals. Using your own personal computer, just imagine having a plethora of public government files at your fingertips. No restrictions, no stringent or lengthy procedures, and processing times. Getting any information you need about any individual will be done on the spot: both the actual search and the search results.