Divorce Records Texas And Divorce Files

The result of a marriage that did not work out is separation, also known as divorce. With the implementation of the freedom of Information Act, divorce files should be accessible by the public anytime. One of the states that implement such law is Texas. The Department of Health Services manages the Divorce Records Texas.

There are several reasons for accessing divorce records in the state of Texas. It is one of the important documents needed when applying for marriage again. Unlike marriage records, divorce files are rarely used when doing a genealogy research. Some would refer to divorce records to cheek if their partners are legally separated or not.

One has to remember some guidelines when requesting for a copy of divorce files. In the state of Texas, the document would only indicate the basic information about the couple’s separation. Information such as the name, date of marriage and the divorce are the highlights of the record. The place where the couple was granted separation is also documented on the file. The name of the one who petitioned for divorce is included on the record. The record does not disclose the reason why the couple separated, the custody of the child, the division of the liabilities and assets. This is to respect the privacy of the person involved.

Requesting for the divorce file of a certain person has to be done from the county where the separation was granted. The cost for the retrieval of the record depends per county. The requesting individual will be asked to provide their name, address and phone number for documentation purposes. Information about the record of the person you are looking for is also needed such as their name, date of marriage and separation. By doing so, the search can be easier.

Only the county where the couple separated can release the divorce certificate. However, if the requesting person does not know the exact county, one can go to the office of the Department of Health Services in Texas. The office can redirect them to the right county. The divorce records can also be obtained from the church and the family archive of the state. There are now third party providers who can do the search for you. The development of the Internet has made the retrieval of the record faster.

How To Find Divorce Records For Free? Using the Internet to search for the divorce files is the most convenient method. A search for free divorce records can be done through free websites, however, the results may contain errors or incorrect. There are paid websites that can do the search for you. Many prefer to go for these paid services to get accurate and reliable results. These websites even offer a refund policy for records that are nowhere to be found.