Durable UV Gel Nails

Are UV Gel Nails Safe to Get?

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When you need your nails to be long and shapely right now and there’s no way that’s going to happen the natural way, UV gel nails could be the way to go.

Amazon ImageThis is where you have a kind of gel applied to your nails layer by layer, and it hardens and cures to give you long and durable nails. Usually, nails that are built this way are like acrylic nails, except that these are painted right on your natural nails. They call them UV gel nails, because the gel needs ultraviolet light to harden and cure. On occasion though, some salons will use a chemical spray to cure your gel nails instead of ultraviolet light. In the end, you get nails that are smoother and more even looking then natural nails ever could be.

No longer do you have to schedule for your manicurist to come in a half hour before your wedding so that your manicure you can be sure that your nails won’t chip before the ceremony. UV gel nails are pretty strong, and pretty affordable.

There have been a few reports in the news that bring up the possibility that UV gel nail aren’t good for health. Is there anything to these reports that say that getting gel nails causes cancer?

Amazon ImageThe problem lies in the way that you cure your gel nails. If a tanning bed is said to cause cancer, can’t the rays from a UV nail curing lamp do the same thing? That’s the question these reports raise.

This study is far from conclusive; but you could try to evaluate the risk yourself. Typically, people who get UV gel nails don’t need to use a UV lamp more than a few minutes. And then, there is the fact that these UV lamps are less powerful than what goes into a tanning bed. And so it shouldn’t be considered the same kind of risk. Right now, even if there are reports, you probably shouldn’t let them worry you too much.

It is the job of any scientist to ask questions. Until the scientist gets a conclusive answer to the question he has raised, one doesn’t really need to do much about changing one’s choices. UV gel nails are quite a godsend to women who want beautiful, long nails. As far as anyone can tell now, these nails are extremely durable, and they cure to a professional quality finish.

If you are concerned that the salon doesn’t do a good job, you can always get one of those home kits for UV gel nails. They work very well.