Florida Marriage Records And Divorce Decrees

Proper treatment of public records is encouraged in various states of America. With regard to that policy, the State of Florida is known as one of the most vigilant regions as far as keeping Florida Marriage Records and other important documents is concerned. Despite the large number of vital files this nation has to deal with each year, it’s still able to effectively accommodate all requests from its citizens.

Marriage documents are being asked for by multiple individuals for countless reasons. For one, genealogy researchers, journalists and law enforcers find them beneficial in the course of their jobs. This information has also been widely used in tracing the separated biological parent of adopted children. Not to mention, its use in conducting background investigations on potential spouse or in-laws.

The Office of Vital Statistics of Florida is where all records of marriages from June 1927 to the present are stored and updated. Each copy is provided to the requester so long as the required $5 fee is paid. No restrictions whatsoever are imposed by the State when it comes to accessing and releasing such information to the general public. Just make sure that rules and protocols are properly adhered with.

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Applicants for marriage records filed before 1927 should contact the clerk of the circuit court in the county where the marriage license was granted. In requesting, the following data should be entered in the form provided for: the husband and wife’s full names, the wife’s maiden name, date of marriage and the city or county where the marriage license was obtained. Imposed charges should be paid in the form of check or money order.

Today, the Internet provides more efficient services and better results with the help of various commercial service providers. They are available in two versions: free of charge and fee-based. Free services are good enough for people who are merely searching out of curiosity or wanting to gather minimal information. But, those who intend to run a more in-depth scrutiny must rely on the facilities of a paid record provider online.

Gaining access to Free Marriage Records Search is now easy and quick by using the online search method. A nominal fee may have to be paid, but rest assured that what you’ll get in return is worth every penny you gave and time spent. A fee-based service provider guarantees to deliver the results in split seconds right at the comfort of your own home.