Guide for USA Netflix in Canada

Many people are fond of watching movies and TV shows – it makes them forget their stress and keep them update with the latest buzz in the film industry too. For you to be able to watch different movies, you need to buy a DVD copy of it – DVD after DVD. However, some people aren’t actually used into doing this because of many reasons such as buying DVD regularly can sometimes be expensive and they don’t have the luxury of time visiting DVD stores. Because of this, they rather want to get unlimited surfing in their TV sets or indulge in online streaming. The most popular online streaming today is Netflix with over 23.6 million subscribers. However, Netflix are only available for people living in the US. So, you would like to know how to watch Netflix USA in Canada considering the fact that the country isn’t included in the list of country allowed to access Netflix?

Luckily, you can still watch Netflix USA in Canada. You might be thinking about asking Netflix for exemption – that they will exempt your case since you will promise that you’ll be a good subscriber. Did you ever think about millions of people attempting to do this and end up getting disappointed? Well, for your information, Netflix will not consider your situation and they will deny your subscription once they identify that you are not from US. However, you can always do some tricks about this problem. Netflix wants you to be from the US? Then be a US resident then.

How to do this? Because Netflix will not come to your door to verify your location and they mainly rely on your IP address, then start by using an IP address from the US – that way, Netflix will think that you are living in the US and will allow your subscription. Hiding your real IP address and using another one can be as easy as learning your first ABC – if, you know how to do it properly. First thing first, find an application that allows you to do this – hide your IP address. Next, if possible, find out if the application is a reliable one – meaning, you can trust its effectiveness.

After that, implement the application and then you are good to go – register for Netflix and start viewing thousands of movies from their libraries. Before anything else, make sure that everything is set including your requirements. Usually, Netflix will ask for authentic billing address and a valid credit card – make sure you have these in your possession.

With Netflix, watching movies has never been this easy and comfortable. Be ready to browse through the thousands of movies under your finger tips – erase the idea of buying DVD now and start saving a lot of your money. Netflix only ask for $7.99 every month which makes it affordable and cost effective. USA Netflix Canada is possible – if you only knew how to “cheat” Netflix and find your way to get your subscription approved.