Homemade Insecticides

The homemade pro-green insect spray is the garlic spray. To make the garlic spray, peel some garlic cloves and blend them with the kitchen blender until they are finely mixed with the water solvent. The water should be of a dark orange color, so add as many cloves as will take to make a strong solution. You should first blend the garlic with some little water and then add the water to make the diluted but still strong solution. Whirl the solution around for about three minutes. You can then sieve the solution using a kitchen sieve, a pantyhose or cheesecloth before transferring it to the spray bottle. Once done, spray it to the infested areas or plants and repeated the process until the insects’ infestation reduces considerably.

This kind of insect spray is more likely an environmental friendly and low cost. It can not hamper the development of eggs of various favorable insects, which are not considered pests in the community like the ladybugs for sale and other similar species which are a great natural and organic combination to combat insect pests in your gardening efforts.

The homemade pro-green insect spray is the pepper spray. This is made and used in exactly the same way as the garlic spray is. The pepper is blended and then mixed with water. The solution is then sieved and transferred to a spray bottle and you can then spray the infested areas repetitively. For all these three types of homemade pro-green insect spray solutions, the leftover spray can be stored in a refrigerator for a week or so before being sprayed again. After a week however, it is wise to discard the remains in a compost pile and making a fresh solution for optimal effectiveness.

If it is necessary to experiment more pests control, ladybugs for sale can also be checked out for reference and additional info.

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