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Texas is one of the states wherein several things happen and where some areas have dismal crime rates. Statistics show that the state of Texas has a high percentage on its criminal cases even though law enforcers are keeping and maintaining all of its standards. If you are residing in Lee County, it would be safe for you to know where you can find Lee County Arrest Records. In general, records of the state are stored at the Texas Department of Public Safety together with other records that the state maintains.

To get hold of arrest records in the county, it can be done via the Sheriff’s Office or the State’s Law Enforcement Office. The former keeps documents of warrants and arrests but is specific to the county only. The latter is the major source of all criminal reports in the Lone Star State. The Sheriff’s Office is open on weekdays expect holidays, from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

All record requests require a fee. As per the Texas Stature, entreaties for Lee County arrest log records cost $9.95 each, though it may differ from one county to another. The $9.95 fee is required for every name searched. For a copy of criminal history record information, a fee of $15 is requisite. It is vital that you submit the right details if you want to get the results you desire. Moreover, it is imperative since search results will be based on the details you will be providing. In case the arrest record you requested for is not located, you cannot have your money back as they retain to be payment for the search. Therefore, you have to make sure that even the correct spelling of the name of the person is what you will submit.

Texas’ Law Enforcement Office will require requestors to fill out an application first. This form can be procured from the Department of Criminal Justice, mainly the Law Enforcement Office or from the Sheriff’s office in the county. The details you will provide include the individual’s first name and surname, any known aliases, birth date and if possible, his or her social security number.

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Once the form has been filled out, you need to submit it to the aforementioned offices via mail or in person. Remember to send it with the fees necessary via money order or check. Such appeal will take a couple of days to weeks for the processing to be completed. Another important thing that you need to know is that if you have an existing arrest record or warrant in the Sheriff’s Office, you better hire a defense attorney first in case that you will get arrested.

However, if you want to expedite the process while doing it conveniently, you can try to get hold of the TX Arrest Records you need with a modern approach. Performing the search online is easy as you retrieve records privately and securely in your home. Online record providers have their own statewide database that contains all US public archives. Additionally, they offer services for free or for a minimal fee.