Link Building with quality links

Quality over quantity!

Try to obtain quality links from other relevant websites to your website. It will help your rankings.

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Low level links bring much less than quality links . But they bring something.

Build links from web directories, article directories and bookmark services.

Press releases with links can free but quality press portals are placed well.

Also, links from blog comments are not worth much but a few are OK. But the comments must of course be meaningful and be linked with real names.

So you can improve your ranking and you should pay attention to a healthy Linking mix.

Link not just your home URL , but preferred sub-pages and articles.

Build Links on continuously. Regularly a handful is more useful than lots at once.

The link text (anchor text) with which you want to link to your site should be about
35% of the brand exist , or domain name URL

30% should consist of the keywords (for example in this article would be the case, “improve ranking”)

35% should be using a completely random (ie human) anchor text to be linked

For example, “Here”, “more”, “more”, “on the blog of …”, etc.
Finals and final word – Optimize for readers

Improve ranking and boost traffic flow. Maybe you can use the WP Stats plugin and watch you pages that are scoring big.

With these tips, it is potentially good to improve the rankings. Of course, one can not but attract thousands of extra visitors to its site within a few days so that search engine optimization is a lengthy process. But it is very lasting: once improved the ranking and standing on the front seats, then it remains there of course, if you do not abort the optimization.

More on optimizing your websites

Nevertheless, you always optimize your site for the readers. All optimization tips are useless if your visitors do not feel good and leave the site immediately, without having carried out an action. Do not forget: A search engine bay and do not buy on your site – which will make the visitors.