Live Ladybugs for Sale and delivered to your door

Live Ladybugs available for sale in addition to shipped to your doorstep!

Live Ladybugs are insatiable predators nourish themselves on aphids, chinch bugs, asparagus beetle larvae, thrips, alfalfa weevils, bean thrips, grape root worms, Colorado potato beetle larvae, whitefly, and mites, in addition to a number of other soft-bodied bugs along with eggs.

Ladybugs will lay down between 10 to fifteen eggs in a spot that the babies are going to be able to find food after they hatch-out from their eggs. The very next time you’re in the meadow around early spring, cautiously take a look below a few plant foliage and discover if you’re able to pick out a few ladybug eggs, but don’t touch them for the reason that you may break babies. Ladybug eggs are incredibly small, oval in form, light yellow colored, and are generally set in groupings. Ladybug eggs will hatch rather quickly, inside less than 6 days.

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Ladybugs typically feed on aphids however they will even feed on scale insects and plant mites. Ladybugs possess a bad smell which prevents several potential predators from eating them as well as their vibrant colors also help as a discouraging factor.

Ladybugs collect in groups whenever they hibernate, so when you notice one, you can be certain much more will follow. Ladybugs release a little bit of their blood that is yellow-colored and odours, whenever they feel possible danger.

Live Ladybugs are generally considered beneficial insects and therefore are are valuable in your garden and won’t hurt anyone, however they can be pesky should they find themselves in your home.