Netflix Access in Canada: On GTA V Possible Movie Adaptation

One of the perks of being a Netflix subscriber is that you get an advance slip on the best movie trailers and rumours of movies that are about to or will maybe come to the motion picture industry. And today, we are going to discuss a non-US Netflix vs Canada Netflix matter that will get us all gamers united. Why is that so? Simply because GTA V is said to be one of the smash games that will possibly entrench its foundations in the movie world. Though the rumours are not confirmed, let us tap into a couple possible details that would be mixed into the batter.

For a computer game to sell $1 billion in just 3 days, it has got to be one hell of a game. This is the case for Rockstar Games’ latest installment in the GTA series, GTA V. For 5 years, fans have waited for this sequel since the release of GTA IV. But what really makes this game extra special for all the hardcore and even non-hardcore gamers out there? Well, it is obviously an exception to all the GTA games with how it is now considered to be among the arsenals in the animated film industry. And yes, you read that right. It will be in an animated format in the event of its movie showcasing.

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The Game and the Movie

GTA V follows the same style of play as its predecessors. The game is still on third person point of view, players can use melee attacks, fire guns and different kinds of weapons, fight enemies (and civilians), and the ability to use different kinds of vehicles all throughout the game. If somehow you deviate from your mission and you decide to run across town breaking laws (physics included), your wanted meter goes high like the previous versions. The movie is said to emulate the angular motion of the game, which means while the viewers are watching the (possible) movie, they will get the same feel of actually playing the game. Add to that the fact that it will be in 3D, especially for IMAX Theaters.

The Set

GTA V is set on the fictional city of San Andreas, which is heavily mirrored on the areas around Southern California in the United States particularly Los Angeles. In fact, you can be able to see a lot of familiar buildings around the fictional city if you happen to live somewhere in Los Angeles. The iconic Hollywood sign which was changed to Vinewood and a whole lot more. Due to cost issues, however, the (possible) movie may be shoot in Vancouver, Canada just as other hit TV series and movies are.

GTA V won’t be a blockbuster hit if just showcased the same features as its previous installments. Some added features includes the ability of the player to hide and take cover behind vehicles to avoid taking damage from shots fired by the enemies, multiplayer and co-op mode enables multiple players to play certain missions such as racing and bank heists. Another cool feature of GTA V is the ability of multiplayer groups from other Rockstar Games game to have the same team such as multiplayer teams from games like Max Payne 3.

The Technicalities

It can be safely said that almost 90% of gamers nowadays heavily consider a game’s graphical quality to measure its awesomeness. So for GTA V, don’t bother. It’s just the same old high quality graphics that’s almost realistic with in game explosions that’s sure to blow your minds. The movie, however, will have a fairly different spin on this aspect. The developers are discussing possible shell shading integration in the movie.


So those are just some of the things that I can mention about GTA V and its possible movie adaptation. For those of you who have waited long enough for the game, this is your time to crank up gaming time once again. And should you find playing the game a bit too easy or you have finished it in no time, don’t worry. For games like Watch Dogs are coming to town. And for those of you who are longing for the movie, it is safe to say that you can keep your hopes up because the odds are actually high. For more news from Netflix Canada, visit