Free Skull Ring Offer!

Wow! I was playing around on Facebook when this cute ring just jumped out right in front of my face!

It wasn’t enough that I loved the ring, but it was being offered for free! a free skull ring! Count me in!

This is it! Free Offer Rose Gold Skull Ring with Angel Wings

I love skulls! Yes I am one of those people who will buy just about anything if it has a skull onit. That’s why I freaked when I saw this ring was being offered for free.

So I clicked the link and went to the web page.

There were a lot of gorgeous photos. i could not resist and I added it to the cart.

There was a small shipping charge. I’m not surprised. Most free offers require shipping so i gladly paid it.

I was notified in the order email I received that it may take 1 to 4 weeks to receive. That is not uncommon for free stuff and promotional offers.

My order came in pretty quick but I would have waited no problem.

If you could see the ring yourself you would also gladly wait a little extra just to get it for free!

As you can see from th epicture it really is a high quality gorgeous ring. It’s not real gold but rather Rose Gold which I believe is actually a copper blend. Whatever it is it looks gorgeous!

So – I highly suggest you go and see if the ring is still being offered for free. They normally sell it for $49.95 and I saw it ofered on SALE for $14.95 (plus shipping) but why not get it for free? That;s the best way to get one! Or two!

Here is the link to the FREE SKULL RING

The best things in life are free! well… some of them!

Thanks for reading this and best wishes for your jewelry shopping adventures!


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