Guide In Getting Georgia Marriage License Records

The state of Georgia has a population count of approximately 9.9 million residents as of 2011, according to the report of the United States Census Bureau. The state of Georgia is situated in the southeastern part of the United States of America. Georgia also called as Peach state and Empire state, has vast parks and wildlife preserves that enhances the beauty of the state. With these, Georgia State has lots of opportunities to offer to its people and residents of Georgia are required to have their Georgia Marriage License Records as one of the essential documents in this state.

Every state office has its mission and Georgia state office of Vital Records mission is to provide accurate records and data concerning vital events to the populace and other stakeholders in an expeditious and friendly manner. Vital records are commonly defined as documents or major events of an individual birth, marriage, death and divorce. In some jurisdictions, vital records may also include records of domestic partnerships or civil unions. From the year 1919 up to present, birth and death records were already maintained and filed up. Starting from the year of 1952 up to 1196 marriage applications and licenses are also on the file.

Other counties of the state may have some of the older records in their files, but county files only have records of vital events that occurred in that county only. The Georgia Division of Archives and History building keeps other historical information and the archive has a large public collection of historical records and genealogical histories. The archive is the one who preserve and keep records in good condition for future reference. Georgia archives can be seen online where questions and answers are posted. Georgia has 159 counties and each county has its own vital records registrar and a vital records custodian.

Marriage records from year 1952 up to present is available at the state office and copy of marriage records earlier than 1952 and after 1996 are available only from the county Probate Court where the license was issued. Office laws stated that certified copies of marriage licenses are available to the general public while certified copy of the marriage license application are exclusive for the married couples only. This information should be provided by the applicants with signed request such as Bride full name, full name of the groom, complete date of marriage, place of marriage and state the number of copies requested. Also a fee should be paid for the license to be released.

It will cost $10.00 for every certified copy requested. Additional certifications of same record ordered at the same time will cost $5.00 and a multiple year search will cost $10.00. Payments will be accepted through certified check or money order only. Cash payments are discouraged. Request form can be downloaded in their website and should be filling out by hand with a signature. Request should be mailed to Vital Records, 2600 Skyland Drive, NE Atlanta, GA 30319.

Marriage License Records are kept by the county probate courts and also they are the one who gives marriage licenses to couples. Below eighteen years of age applicants are requested to present parental or guardian consent to be able to get a marriage license. Applicants should present a valid identification card, passport or a birth certificated. For identifying documents that are printed in different language other than English will need a notary for translation. Divorce applicants needs to present to the court a divorce decree for proof. Marriage licenses fee vary by county and for applicants that does not want to pay the fee, can attend a premarital education program certificate.

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