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A wedding style is something that every wedding celebration has. No, it’s not “stylish”- it is a design. I prefer to specify a wedding celebration design as something that describes a wedding’s feel and look. Oftentimes a wedding design is an adjective- modern-day, stylish, vintage, rustic, and so on (You see numerous various other designs right here in the Wedding event Style Dictionary!) When you listen to those words, you think of a certain aesthetic, right? If you’ve noticed the Real Weddings here on ELD, many of them are categorized by wedding style. It’s because a wedding’s style is what defines it- plain and simple. A wedding celebration style is a necessary part of wedding preparation because it helps you to define all other elements of your wedding- venue, decor, type of reception, and on and also on. Your wedding style will also help you when trying to convey to various other vendors what your wedding event vision is. Believe me on this- you definitely DESIRED to define your wedding style!

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Now how should you go around choosing your wedding style? Initially, here are a couple of questions to ask yourself that will certainly aid you determine your wedding event design:

1. Do you envision your wedding being outdoors or inside your home? Along those same lines, what kind of venue do you envision your wedding taking place at?

2. What kind of “vibe” do you want your wedding to have? A casual barbecue, chic cocktail style, or formal sit-down dinner?

3. What example are you attracted to? What is your very own style like (clothing, accessories, home decor)? And your future spouse?

4. Is there anything in specific that you * have * to have at your wedding celebration? Milk glass, mason jars, bunting, etc? (You’ll recognize if there’s something that you have actually also visualized having at your wedding.).

5. Is there anything in particular that defines your relationship? Perhaps a favorite hobby, a shared job, or a love for travel?

Once you’ve addressed all these questions, you should be able to start specifying what your wedding’s design is visiting be. It can be one style, or it can be a mix of styles. I actually prefer a mix of styles, due to the fact that it creates much more certain vision for you as well as your designers- plus, I believe that’s the most fascinating way to create a wedding.:-RRB- Additionally, maintain in mind that a “theme” can suffice as your wedding style- like having a wedding with a chemistry style because you met in chemistry lab and are now both scientists. Weddings with a motif are always the best type of weddings if you ask me!

I in fact didn’t have a wedding style (mind you, I was also a totally clueless bride). But I think that’s why I wasn’t happy with how my wedding turned out. I didn’t have the right words to describe what I wanted- I just had colors, and a vague idea in my head that I didn’t know ways to convey to my planner and designer. If I had been able to put definitive words to my wedding style and use that to describe my vision, I believe that things would have ended up much better. It was while functioning with bride-to-bes that I first “found” just how beneficial defining a wedding style is. A bride would tell me she wanted something “distinct”. Well “one-of-a-kind” doesn’t really narrow down the alternatives for me, so after asking a couple of concerns, I ‘d find out that what she really wanted was something modern and eclectic, with a focus on sailboat elements. Now THAT is a wedding style!

And finally, if you’re still totally clueless about your wedding style (which you might possibly be), enlist the help of a professional. Perhaps you’ve always wondered what specifically a “wedding designer” does- this, my good friends, is one of the things that they do! There are so many amazing wedding designers out there. Designers whose JOB is to help brides define their wedding design and style their wedding celebrations around it. And those weddings are always AMAZING. (PS- also if you DO know your wedding style, you can definitely still hire a wedding designer!).