Skin Care Essentials for Acne Prone Skin

Americans spend an incredible amount of money on beauty skin care products every year in an effort to preserve the youthful luster of their complexion and to combat foes like acne and old age that might blemish it. There’s no shortage of beauty care brands to choose from and no end to the flow of new product lines that build upon their predecessors by implementing cutting edge skin beauty research. It’s hard not to feel justified in our purchases when we see phrases like “recommended by 9 out of 10 dermatologists” (why is there that one detractor?) and watch convincing infomercials that show us countless before and after pictures and have average people and celebrities alike endorsing their product.

But how much effect do beauty skin care products, particularly adult acne skin care really have on keeping our skin looking beautiful and healthy? So far, the results look mixed. For some people, it works wonders; others have jumped from brand to brand with no luck. When it comes to whether these products work, the answer is unsurprisingly and somewhat unhelpfully “yes” and “no.” On one hand, dermatologists aren’t going out of business and neither are acne skin care and beauty skin care products. On the other hand, there’s no surefire solution to achieving great skin or else all of these brands wouldn’t be necessary.

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