Things to Text A Girl: Tips For Building Attraction

Don’t wait to hang around

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Do you think she will be impressed with you, after meeting her ten minutes ago and you fire off the text: “Wow so happy I met you, looking forward to meeting up again!” As long as you may want to, fight the urge, do away with your phone and hold your horses. It is more helpful, to wait some time to text her back. Take a few hours, a day, a couple of days, waiting trains emotional control, and emotional control is attractive.

Silence is your buddy

So she text messages you, “Hey buddy, seeing some friends this evening would you like to join us in one hour?” Because you are completely into this girl you would like to text message her right back, “Hell yeah! Let me praise the ground you walk on!” (When texting a girl this is a good opportunity to create attraction) Don’t respond until the next day, “Hello, sorry about that, had other plans last evening. Give me a little more time and I am glad to hang out.” Wow … far powerful.

Being a bit sexual

I constantly give people hell for being extremely sexual over text however it is completely okay to test the sex text waters when texting a woman, as long as you are cautious. The method I use is frequently in a very funny indirect way, or I make it seem as though she was being inappropriate. For example after a day of texting backward and forward I might claim, “Wow, I am tired from so much texting with you, I believe I am going to get friendly with myself and go to sleep. Do worry I will not think about you.” You might get a very fun response from this, and you have broken the sexual barrier without doing any harm.

An additional method I might use on her would be a sexual role reversal. Let’s say she said something that I might misunderstand, “Let’s go, come out for another drink with us!” and you respond, “Hey, I am not sure if I am okay with you attempting to get me intoxicated, if I come, you should guarantee not to spike my beverage.” This creates safety, and turns her into the sexual aggressor, perfect, when texting girls you can not do better compared to this.

Setting Limits

I have explained lots of ways to make sexual tension, yet this strategy has the most power. It is not something you can make yet it is something you respond to. Everybody including your cat/dog/kid / next-door neighbor, pushes the limit, this is something common in all of nature. It is the correct reply to boundary pushing that is so attractive, BUT given that so many people desire to be accepted we don’t respond how we should.

Texting is great for this considering that the person is not in your face pushing you. For instance, lets say she breaks a date suddenly over text, this would be my response, “Hi there I totally recognize an emergency situation comes up, however next time I need more notification than 1 hour, please don’t do that again.” Seems too strong? NO WAY … This is insanely attractive, even if she whines and moans about you being an a jerk,. Is her time more valuable than yours? No chance, don’t allow girls to walk on you ever.