Vet Clinics for Pet Photos

Speaking of models, did you ever think of rewarding your pet for posing well? It certainly works for human models. Pets happen to be all about being rewarded interesting treats for doing something well and earning your approval. Make sure that you are completely involved in the whole photography exercise; your pet is going to notice your involvement and decide that it could pay to be involved as well. Carry a pack of really good treats with you or grab some on the way from the Mount Pleasant dog boarding kennel near you and you will have your pet’s undivided attention. That’s what makes for for the fun pet.

Using a flash can be a big no-no in pet photography. To a pet, the camera with its big eye-like lens can be a bit disconcerting. Try and get your pet comfortable with the camera by being really friendly and full of treats and playfulness when you are shooting. You should probably help calm your pet down when he thinks that he is being eyed by this large unblinking lens.

The thing with pet photography is the same as it is with baby photography. You see evidence on the walls of every great veterinary clinic in Mount Pleasant. You take the camera to the baby and command the baby to strike attractive poses and nothing happens. You just make a baby comfortable and happy, and hope that some kind of truly expressive pose comes about. Be sure that your have your camera ready for burst mode and be on the alert. If you do miss a very attractive moment, you could try to re-create the scene to help your pet do the same thing over again.

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