Vision Therapy for Dry Eyes

Anyone who spends a lot of time on the computer can appreciate the need to solve issues with dry eyes.

Visual Training for dry eyes are a problem nowadays with the increasing number of people are struggling.

One reason is increased screen time, which has assumed an often unhealthy extent, especially if in addition to the office job is also the time spent watching TV or PC. In addition to this most conscious people cause there are also a number of other factors that can make for dry eyes, such as the increased heating or air conditioning of rooms.

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Of the problems associated with dry, heated air with it, know the most, but what few know is the fact that air conditioners can reduce the humidity and thus cause problems. Dry eyes are therefore not a problem of the cold season. In addition, can also contact lenses, increased pollutants in the air and medication – lead to a reduction in tear secretion – especially the use of oral contraceptives in women. In general, the probability to suffer from dry eyes, with increasing age, which is mainly due to hormonal changes.

In technical terms, such a reduction of the wetting ability of the eye is known as keratoconjunctivitis sicca. While the above-mentioned external factors are usually triggers, there are two different causes that can form the root of the problem.

First, the fluid production can be reduced, which means that the tear glands do not produce enough secretions to moisten the eye. In addition, the can produced in sufficient tear fluid evaporates too rapidly, but also, leading to dry eye. Physicians call the two forms of dry eyes or hypovolemic hypoevaporative keratoconjunctivitis sicca.

Both forms can be treated as such in a variety of ways. While just tried in hypovolemic expression, secretion best to replace the missing – mainly in the form of eye drops – the treatment of hypoevaporativen form designed rather difficult. It has to be tried, the lipid layer, which normally should put on the eye tear fluid protectively to replace or maintain. Most often this is due to sprays that are applied to the closed eye and get on the eyelids in the eye.

Also on greasy eye creams and ointments is placed increasingly in this form. Furthermore, one can try to undermine inflammation.

Are visual training namely not been studied for their cause dry eyes and treated accordingly, as chronic inflammation of the eyes are usually the result of it. In most cases, these glands become inflamed, which are those at the edge of the eyelid. Secretion produced is not enough or it evaporates too quickly, the eye is exposed to high friction.

Especially the meibomian glands are very sensitive. Also, they can become clogged, then what the characteristic called stye results.

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Besides the treatment of eyes with above products but also changes in lifestyle can have a positive impact. So you should be careful especially for problems with dry eyes, to optimize the humidity in those rooms where you spend a lot. This is best done through adequate ventilation and air conditioning waiver. In winter, a water vessel should be fitted to the radiators.

Another important factor is blink – try to consciously blink more often to spread the tears over the eye. Studies have shown that people blink less conspicuous, especially in exciting activities. Moreover, you should treat your eyes adequate rest periods and sleep enough.

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