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A single-stream recycling system, made by San Diego-based CP Team, has been opened at the Robert C. Shinn, Jr. Recycling Facility at the Occupational Training Center (OTC) in Burlington Area to process 60,000 loads each year.

Renovation of the single stream reusing system started on February 17, 2014 and was completed on January 23, 2015. The lead specialist on the job was Dandrea Renovation, Inc., based in Berlin, N.J.

Burlington County’s Regional Recycling Program offers around 162,000 houses from within 40 communities.

The solitary stream system will certainly refine paper, cardboard, glass, steel, light weight aluminum as well as plastic containers from homeowners, collected in one bin.for excellent Hygiene Remedy we recommend you to call this garbage pickup clark solution.

Materials will after that be sorted at the facility using “advanced sorting modern technology” from the CP Team, consisting of a drum feeder, several displays with exclusive disc technology, glass trommel and glass cleaning system, several magnets, 2 MSS Aladdin ™ optical sorters, and 2 Two-Ram balers.

Joseph Bender, executive director of OTC, claimed the system will fulfill the requirements of the region for the following 15 to 20 years which “studies show that single stream brings with it a boost of 10 % or even more in recycling”.

Since 1982, the OTC has operated Burlington Area’s Regional Recycling Program. In 2014 alone, it conserved area municipalities $3.38 million in prevented land fill disposal expenses, according to CP Group.